Apriandana Ilus

I'm a language-agnostic software engineer. I am passionate about UI/UX, Design, Entrepreneurship, Ed-tech, AI/ML, Digital Ethic, Coding literacy, Football, and culture.

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Back Story

I was born and raised in Indonesia. When I was 21 I migrated to The Netherlands to continue my education. Now I am living and working in Dortmund, Germany. I speak English, German, Indonesian, Javanese and Madurese .

In my spare time, I travel my with lovely wife, cook Indonesian food, brew my own coffee and I do enjoy playing football and running. You can check my random blog/journal 👉 blog.apriandana.com

As much as I love software engineering, my passion in entrepreneurship drives me to build several products outside my regular working hours. Although none of them were not well established yet, but I am working hard to launch it publicly soon.

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I am a software engineer by profession. Spent my early career in Indonesia as full stack developer and consultant, now I am in a full time position in a Digital agency based in Dortmund since 2016. For the last few years, I am in my transition to be a project and product manager. You can check out my stacks here

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I finished my bachelor in Informatic management / Information system back in Sept 2013. I was awarded a scholarship from ministry of education and culture of Indonesia in early 2014 and studied in The Netherlands until september 2016.

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Side Projects

During my study and free time, I work on my side projects. The latest one is Jamaah App. which you can find on app store . It was shutdown earlier this year. Unfortunately, none of them made their path to success. But I still believe one of it will breaktrough one day.
From the last few months, I keep myself busy in my spare time working on another project called Ohaio.me It still weeks away from public launching, but you can try it out, and give me your feedback 😊

Get in touch!

I write daily, and ocassionally publish it on my blog.
You can visit it 👉 blog.apriandana.com

If you'd like to contact me for opportunites or personally, Write me an email to apriandanailus(at)gmail.com

Or if you just want to say hi 👇