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I was born and raised in Indonesia. When I was 21 I received a scholarship from Indonesian Ministry of Education and Nuffic to study in The Netherlands. Now I am living and working in Dortmund, Germany. I speak English, German, Indonesian, Javanese and Madurese .

In my spare time, I travel my with lovely wife, cook Indonesian food, brew my own coffee. I love playing and watching football. You can read my random blog/journal 👉

As much as I love software engineering, my passion in entrepreneurship drives me to build several products on my spare time. Some of them have been shutdown, while some others left un-touch on my backyard but I'm excited to launch another one soon 😊

Works 🐱‍💻

I am a Technical Project Manager & software engineer by profession. Spent my early career in Indonesia as full stack developer and consultant, now I am in a full time position in a Digital agency based in Dortmund since 2016. For the last 2 years, I am in my transition to become project manager & learn a lot about product management. If you wanna know what software & stacks I use, You can check out here

Education 🎓

I finished my bachelor in Informatics management / Information system in Sept 2013. I was awarded a scholarship from ministry of education and culture of Indonesia in early 2014 and studied in The Netherlands until september 2016.

Side Projects 🌷

In my spare time I work on my side projects. The latest one is Jamaah App. which you can find on Google Play. (Update: It was shutdown In December 2019) Unfortunately, none of them made their path to success. But I still believe one of it will become a product that will be used by many people. From the past few months, I keep myself busy working on another project called it is still in MVP and product market fit phase. Feel free to try it out and give me your feedback 😊

Hobby & spare-spare time ⚽

In my spare-spare time 😆, you'd probably find me watching football, jogging and playing football (I am free agent now. If you are in Ruhr area and looking for a pacey-creative midfielder for your sunday league team, Please contact me! 😎)

Contact 💌

If you'd like to contact me for opportunities or want to get to know me personally, Write me an email to apriandanailus(at) 📨