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Journal, Workplace2 min read

You finished a task, told your manager you've done that over slack. no responds. and then few hours later he/she bring over another task, without even responding to your previous chat. Congrats! You probably work with zombies.

When someone has done a task, a small one, big one or something that gain huge impact to the team, an appreciation must be given. Just because you are a programmer and you successfully finished client’s request, that is not only you have done your job, but you’ve already helped your team, manager, and your company in general, you deserve an appreciation. And, it has never been an option, appreciation is a must. Someone should thank or congratulating you. If no one does, it is a problem. Once or twice might be acceptable, but more than that, I believe you are belong to the wrong place. Appreciation is simple yet detrimental in a professional life. Appreciation makes someone being valued, and keep someone motivated and increasing the sense of belonging within a group. There is a reason why when a player in football match is being applauded by the crowd just because a small act on the pitch, as simple as giving a good pass to their teammates, an interception or having scored a goal. This is a reward for their mentality, their small or big contribution to keep them work better. That applies not only in the office and cubicle, but also in daily life. Someone will be happy of being applauded of good things they do. In the next level, appreciation should also be given when someone had tried to do things even if they failed. In football, a player might have missed a penalty, a shot or an open chance in front of an opening goal, but at the end, that is an attempt to contribute to your team, it is a form of an effort, it also deserves an appreciation.

Sometimes it is hard for some people to see that a failure is part of a contribution, a failure might be an opening for a problem solving, it can be a start for something better. Giving someone an appreciation can give them a huge mood boost, cheer them up, or giving them a fuel for doing better.

I see the digital communication platform as an equal channel as in real life conversation. If you ignore a chat in you slack channel, microsoft teams, or any other platform, that is equal to disregarding someone who talk to you in real life. Especially when you are approach with a direct message, with an open question or something that you need to respond. I know, some people don't see the same way.