I was born and raised in Indonesia. When I was 21 I received a scholarship to study Art & Technology in Saxion University, The Netherlands. Since 2016 I live and work in Dortmund, Germany. I speak English, conversational German, Indonesian, Javaneselink and Madurese link . Nowadays I spend much time with my little family at home, cooking Indonesian food, brewing my own coffee, reading bookslink . I waste spend much time in my life for football. I watch and read too many football contents. I run once or twice a week to make sure my body moves and stay healthy. I write journal once a week, You can read my blog/journal πŸ‘‰ blog.apriandana.com. As much as I love software engineering, I am also a design enthusiast. I build digital products on my spare time in the past few years. 😊

Works πŸ±β€πŸ’»

I am a Technical Project Manager & Software engineer by profession. Prior to my current role, I spent my early career in Indonesia as full stack developer and consultant, as well as a short term software engineering role in The Netherlands, now I am in a full time position in a Digital agency based in Dortmund since 2016. My focus is backend infrastructure design, system design and partially UI/UX. Once in a while, I help SMEs & non-profit organisation with tech consultancy and build tools to help them work more efficiently. You can also check some of my work for the organisation I founded called, Twentylab (studio.twentylab.com). I ocassionally teach basic programming & CS skill to children and highschool student everyt ime I visit my hometown in Indonesia. I co-founded codeinitiative (ci.twentylab.com) to collectively teach and share the importance of learning computer science.

Education πŸŽ“

I finished my bachelor in Informatics management / Information system in Sept 2013 from Telkom University in Bandung, Indonesia. I was awarded a scholarship from ministry of education and culture of Indonesia in early 2014 and studied Saxion University, The Netherlands until September 2016. I took art & technology course that combine technology, behaviour science and design thinking approach to create a digital product.

Side Projects 🌷

I spend much of my spare time trying out to build a product that can help me and other people. Some of them are around things that I am passionate about. which are Football, Community building, personal branding and problems I might face every day. Here are some of them:
  • Kronolofy.com (2015)
    A website to track the curernt status of corruption case in Indonesia.
  • Rebola.id (2017)
    Community platform and tools for grassroots football enthusiasts. Manage a club, tournament and players administration.
  • Jamaah.me (2017-2018)
    A community board for religious organisation to connect and engage with their followers.
    Released in a web based and Android app in Google Playstore
  • Ohaio.me (2019-2020)
    A casual Linkedin. A platform to showcase user projects and highlight personal achievement in a simple way.

Hobby & spare-spare time ⚽

I am trying to keep my body fit, that is why I run 2-3 times a week. I enjoy consuming football content so much. If it is BVB or Barça matchday you would find me watching the game. I used to play in the district league in Dortmund, but decided to stop playing earlier this year, until it is safe to play again.

Contact πŸ’Œ

If you'd like to contact me for opportunities or just want to know me personally, Write me an email to apriandanailus(at)gmail.com πŸ“¨ or hi(at)twentylab.com